Golf in Portugal

Enhanced by located on the western edge of its continent, by possessing a friendly climate and lastly paradoxically known for having the lagged decades mainly behind Spain, Portugal has been able to retain an aura of both mystery and pretty extinct in its Mediterranean neighbours. Most of the allure disappears when one views the most panicky built and busty appearance of the most famous golf courses of the Algarve.

Due to the big-time tourism launch when the country of Portugal became a full-fledged member of the European Community, escape from all the worsen excesses along with other complex and complicated crises of the civilization; it is definitely within the boundaries of any traveller's grasp.

Now talking about golf, Portugal is considered as the paradise for many golfers, with around 80 beautiful courses offering a wide range of difficulty levels along with a mild climate that allows the players to play with great pleasure and confidence.

Golf is mainly a 365 days sport mainly in Portugal which makes the country a hot and popular gathering place for many golf players along with the viewers and offers some of Europe’s most interesting and attractive golf courses. Many of these courses are located in the country and are designed by the top golf architects who want to capitalize on many of the breath-taking views so that they can fit the sports with the natural surroundings. They also offer great variety and difficulty in the designing plan.